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"Mikhail Maksimov manages almost impossible: he combines heavy Russian mysticism where theosophy and cosmism are intervened with the spirits of nature, with the contemporary form of glossy pop culture - 3d-graphics. It is this gap that creates wow-effect for the audience when you remain stuck to a video-work or computer game. Glamour-chthonian institutional critics the artist is involved in, in olden times never had mercy either on Tarkovsky, or Platonov, and now have no mercy on Olga Sviblova who, undoubtedly, worthfully continues the range of great men of culture. All works of Maksimov, without exception, are extremely elevate and poetic, in Kantian meaning of the words. Even if they lacked complicated disrupt narratives or, on the contrary, unexpected psychedelic metaphors, they would be worth appreciating for their easiness for the eyes, and this pleasure is not shameful." - Andrey Parshikov, art-critic.

Release date Aug 24, 2016
AuthorMikhail Maksimov
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksSteam, Homepage


thePasture.zip 488 MB


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Привет! А как с разработчиком этого сумасшествия можно связаться? :) По электронной почте, на фейсбуке, в ВК?

Привет! Можно по почте, grifgont джимейл ком,